Hello from Dalaman,Turkey


Hello Everybody;

I am very happy to be with you in this project and I m sure we are going to do wonderfull things together during our project..I am English teacher at a Hürriyet Primary School  in Dalaman..My school isnt a big school but It is nice …My students are between 10 and 15 aged and they are very excited and motivated about etwinning projects…

best regards



9 thoughts on “Hello from Dalaman,Turkey

  1. Hello Necla,
    Here we are again. As usual I don´t know where I can leave the introduction of my school and myself. I can only send replies. Help???

  2. Hi, Eva, if you want to write a new post, you have to go to Dashboard–Post–Add New Post. Don t forget to choose a category of your post (if you present yourself/your school, it would be AUTHORS).

  3. Hi:)
    Nice to be here. And I’m glad I’m not the only person who doesn’t know how to post the introduction of my school. Still learning… but getting better;)

  4. Hello everybody;
    I am very happy to be with you in this project ….and
    Tautvyde,you are great 🙂 you solved Eva’s problem…I am having very busy days in those days:) we are planning to visit a school in Sweden..so the tickets,parents,students..all of them are problem and have made my routine life abit busy..for this reason I was abit late to write the answers…I am sorry about this..and many many thanks for your comments..:)
    best regards

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