Hello from Ferrol (Spain)

My name is Eva and I am a English teacher in a secondary school in Ferrol (Spain) called Santa Xoana de Lestonnac.  It is real great pleasure to meet you all and I wish we are able to learn from one another about our different countries, cultures and languages.


7 thoughts on “Hello from Ferrol (Spain)

  1. Hello Eva!
    Welcome to our blog! Some students in my school are learning Spanish and they will be interested to learn something else about your language and culture. They’re learning English too.

    • Ola Lina. Grazas polo teu comentario. Como ben sabes nós, en Ferrol, falamos galego que é moi similar ao portugués. Pero neste proxecto imos usar español. Do you understand my mother tongue? I had the chance to visit your country and I like it very much. We are cousins and we share the same financial crisis. I hope we can overcome.
      We´ll write a short dictionary with some Spanish words.

    • Hi Tau. For me it´s also a pleasure to share my language and traditions with you all. I have a question: are we going to use the twinspace? What kind of things are we going to upload there? This is my first big project and my second year in etwinning.

  2. Hello Eva;
    It is very nice to work you again..I must say Eva is a perfect partner 🙂
    I am very happy to see you here 🙂
    I am having very busy days in those days:) we are planning to visit a school in Sweden..so the tickets,parents,students..all of them are problem and have made my routine life abit busy..for this reason I was abit late to write the answers…I am sorry about this..and many many thanks for your comments..:)
    best regards

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