The longest Lithuanian word

The wood-sorrel

The wood-sorrel

I would like to tell you about the longest Lithuanian word, which has 40(!) letters, – nebeprisikiškiakopūsteliaudavusiuosiuose – which even is a mouthful to pronounce for Lithuanians.

The word is made from the verb kiškiakopūsteliauti, which means to pick wood-sorrels or, literary, to pick rabbit-cabbages.
It’s the pronominal masculine plural locative form of the frequentative past active participle of the verb.

These words probably mean nothing or a little to you, so to make everyone’s life easier the word could approximately be translated to this:

In those who used to not pick enough wood-sorrels any more.


5 thoughts on “The longest Lithuanian word

  1. Just checking on the longest Croatian word; according to Wikipedia it is: prijestolonasljednikovica, meaning crown princess?! The shorterst ones are one letter workd: i, a, u, e, o.

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