The nicest and most popular Lithuanian words

  The nicest and most popular Lithuanian words  

In 2008, during the third national dictation contest the voting of the kindest and nicest Lithuanian words were announced. The contest also took place in various other internet sites, where people could vote on what in there view was the kindest or nicest word in the Lithuanian language. Their were hundreds of offers and this is the top 12 :

  • Ačiū – meaning “Thank You“
  • Ašara – meaning “Tear“
  • Bitutė – meaning “Bummble Bee“
  • Kukutis – a type of bird
  • Leliumai – types of words used in songs to make them more rhythmic.
  • Lietuva – meaning “Lithuania“
  • Mama – meaning “mom/mother“
  • Meilė – meaning “love“
  • Motulė – meaning “grandmother“
  • Svajonė – meaning “a wish“
  • Vėluma – meaning “a late hour“
  • Volungė – a type of bird with bright feathers

The winning words were : ačiū, mama, Lietuva. At the end of the contest a poet by the name of Justinas Marcinkevičius announced not the winning word, but the winning phrase, since the two winning words meant a lot to the Lithuanian culture representatives which voted for them and it was : Ačiū, Lietuva. It meant : “Thank You Lithuania“.

In 2009 the funnest words used to express any persons reactions were chosen. They were : keberiokšt and pyst.

  • Keberiokšt – used when describing someone falling from a tall structure.
  • Pyst – can be used in any situation, such as falling from a tree or tripping on a branch.

In the year 2010 the contestants of the national dictation contest voted on the hardest to spell word in the Lithuanian language, the winner was : sūkurys, it means – whirlpool.

To commemorate the 20th year of getting Lithuania‘s independance back, a most commonly used verb was voted upon, and the winner was the internationally used  word : emigruoti, meaning- emigrate.


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