Stereotypes of other countries in Lithuanian language

                                                                                                                       Lithuania‘s stereotypes of other countries

In our language we have many stereotypes of other countries. These stereotypes mostly describe people‘s habits, appearance and the type of language they use for example : shortened, posh or elongated.We were given a task to find out as many stereotypes as we could and then share them within class time and these were the views of other countries we found Lithuanian‘s use :

  • Lenkiškas „honoras“ – „Polish honour“ – self value‘s are overrated.
  • Rusiška siela – „Russian soul“ – openness (they share what they feel etc.) and kindness.
  • Rusiška tvarka – „Russian tidiness“ – a complete mess.
  • Vokiška tvarka – „German tidiness“ – everything is extremely tidy and sorted to the last detail.
  • Vokiškas punktualumas – „German punctuality“ – always precisely on time.
  • Prancūziškas punktualumaks – „French punctuality“ – is always late.
  • Tikras žydas – „A true Jewish person“ – a person who is very irritating or a person who talks you into buying something you don‘t need.
  • Žydui įlįsti į kišenę – „To get into a Jewish person’s pocket“ – have a lot of debt.
  • Ramus kaip belgas – „Calm as a Belgian“ – Belgian‘s are supposably calm people, but that sometimes isn‘t the case.
  • Lėtas kaip estas – „Slow as an Estonian“
  • Geria kaip rusas – „Drinks like a Russian“ – we probably have this stereotype, because Russian‘s are associated with heavy drinking.
  • Šalta kaip Suomijoj – „Cold as in Finland“

These were all the stereotypes we could find, but there are many more, which are used by our grandparents and parents. These stereotypes don‘t necessarily represent the true nature of the countries inhabitants and sometimes are complete nonsense, but they‘re created just for fun, so accept them as jokes and not offenses to your country or it’s citizens . I hope you enjoyed the article.


5 thoughts on “Stereotypes of other countries in Lithuanian language

  1. The whole class worked on this task and Paulius has translated into English. I am very happy with this work too and thank you for your nice comments 😉
    I think we don t have any special sayings about Portuguese or Spanish people, perhaps you live too far from us 😉

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