Stereotypes about weather

Presentación weather

Sorry if I am late. I hope you like this sayings about the weather. Probably you have similar sayings in your languages. Does it rain” cats and dogs” in your countries? Or “LLueve a cántaros?”  Here you are. Have a look!!!


2 thoughts on “Stereotypes about weather

  1. We loved your presentation about the weather! Congratulations! Here in Portugal sometimes ” LLueve a cántaros” , “chove a cãntaros” too. But this year the weather has been too dry, cold and sunny.

  2. Lovely presentation! We never say in lithuanian that it’s raining cats and dogs, but in our country when we talk about rain we sometimes say ‘It rains like from a bucket’ (Pila kaip iš kibiro) which means it is raining a lot, also ‘The sky broke’ (Dangus prakiuro) which means it started raining.
    And because Lithuania has very cold winters some people say ‘It’s so freezing, that even the fences are cracking’ (Šąla, net tvoros braška)

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