Anecdote Stereotypes (Do Not Read If Easily Offended)

In Lithuania everybody loves a couple of jokes, one of the anecdotes that are more known are about different countries, where the characters mainly consist of: a Lithuanian, Russian, German, an American.

We have a lot of anecdotes about them appearing in different situations (on a plane, boat, in a race,…) to prove their , knowledge, wealth,… . Often in these situations the characters will have the same qualities; Russian – one of the richer people, German – wiser, American – the one who looks like he knows everything, Lithuanian – the one who gets out of situations in very silly ways, Jew – the one who wants a lot of money. There are many more stereotypes of other countries, which will be shown in a few jokes.


“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Welcome to the national race. Let’s see who wins! Ready? … Set! … GO! And the runners set off!

The Finn is the only one not moving, right behind him there’s the Estonian.

The Russian runs in front and the Georgian is chasing him! The German runs to save the Russian runner.

The Lithuanian forgot his shoes and is now looking for them.

The Jamaican is picking weed. The Dutchman is waiting for him.

The Jew is selling his shoes to the Lithuanian.

Where’s Poland?

The Italian, Turk and the second Lithuanian runner have made some kind of a tax collecting pole that is demanding the Polish runner to pay.

The Finn starts moving!

We found the Polish runner! It looks like he has been disqualified for stealing the judges car.

Ladies and gentleman, this is definitely the most interesting race I’ve ever seen…”


A Lithuanian, Russian, American and an English man are on a flying plane. The American throws out a bag of money through the window:

-Why did you do that?! – yells the Lithuanian

-Oh, we have plenty of it, – answers the American.

..The British man throws out a bag of money:

-Why did you do that?! – yells the Lithuanian

-Oh, we have plenty of it.

The Lithuanian thinks about it for a couple of seconds, shrugs and throws out the Russian through the window:

-Why did you do that?!

-We have plenty of them,- says the Lithuanian.



5 thoughts on “Anecdote Stereotypes (Do Not Read If Easily Offended)

  1. And what about Spain and Spanish? It´s a good thing to laugh at oneself but we need the others to see how and what we really are. I don´t know if it is clear enough??!!

    Portuguese must have some stereotypes about Spain. We´re neighbours. We´re cousins.


  2. Not offended by sterotypes.
    Sterotypes help explain points of view and if we are willing to admit we are all different, maybe we can get on together better.

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