Proverbs, sayings and idioms of our mother tongue

Proverbs, sayings and idioms are a real treasure in our languages. Many of them originate from  a wide variety of the sources: folklore, history, traditions, literature, mythology, religion, culture etc. How similar and different are our proverbs, sayings and idioms? what do they say about us, as one nation’s people? how do they represent our countries? and so many other questions to think of or discuss.

Let’s present the world of our proverbs, saying and idioms within next 2 weeks (deadline – 16/02/2012):

– the most common proverbs and their translations into English,

– explanation of origin of some proverbs/idioms/sayings,

– the most important values showed in proverbs/sayings,

– typical picture (national character?) of the person showed in proverbs/sayings,

– sense of humor in proverbs/sayings/idioms,

– proverbs/sayings/idioms based on common European historical/cultural background,

– … .


I am sure we are going to have very interesting presentations and discussions. Can’ t wait!


2 thoughts on “Proverbs, sayings and idioms of our mother tongue

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