Most popular Lithuanian proverbs

Lietuvių posakiai, patarlės.
Lithuanian sayings, proverbs.

  1. Šaukštai po pietų” – meaning too late. “ Spoons after lunch”
  2. Neperšokęs griovio nesakyk op” – meaning don’t get happy before work is completed. “Don’t say ‘whee’ before jumping over the pit.”
  3.  “ Žiūriu pro rožinius akinius” – meaning that a person sees everything positively. “ Looking through pink glasses”
  4.  “ Sėdi kaip pabučiuotas” – meaning that a person is daydreaming, fantasizing or is silent. “ Sitting like they were just kissed”
  5. Pirma padaryk darbą, o po to daryk ką nori” – meaning to do what’s necessary before doing anything you want. “ First do the job, then do what you want”
  6. Ką darai – daryk gerai “ – meaning to do your best at everything you’re doing. “ Whatever you do, do it well”
  7. Lengva pasakyti, bet ne padaryti” – meaning that it is easier said than done. “ Easy to say, but not to do”
  8. Nereikalauk nieko iš kito, jei pats nieko neduodi” – meaning that you have to be fair. “ Don’t take something from someone, if you don’t give anything to them”
  9. Eina kaip žemę pardavęs” – meaning that a person is sad. “ He’s walking like he sold the earth. “

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