Different words in the Lithuanian language that are originated from other languages

In the Lithuanian language we have very many words that have come from different languages. I will name some:

From Greek:

Akrobatas (akrobatēsñ)- Acrobat: A skilled gymnastics performer.

Demokratija (dēmos kratos)- Democracy: Government by the people.

Azotas (azōō)- Nitrogen: The seventh element on the periodic table.

Orkestras (orchēstrañ)- Orchestra: A group of performers on various musical instruments.

From Latin:

Dantis (dente)- Tooth

Efektas (effectus)- Effect: Something that is produced by a cause

Data (date)- Date: A particular measurement of days, months and years.

From English:

Akras (acreñ)- Acre: A unit of land measure.

Nokautas (knock-out)- Knock-out: To defeat (an opponent) in a boxing match by striking such a blow that the opponent is unable to rise within the specified time. Koledžas (collegeñ)-College: An institution of higher learning.

From German:

Hantelis (Hantelñ)- Dumbbell: An object consisting of two wooden or metal balls connected by a short bar.

Streikas (Streikñ)- Strike: A group of people protesting

From French:

Balkonas (balcon)- Balcony: An extra piece of floor that goes horizontally outside an apartment or house.

Batonas (bâton)- A long loaf of bread.

From Italian:

Banditas (banditoñ)-Bandit:  A robber, especially a member of a gang or marauding band.

Porcelianas(porcellanañ)- Porcelain: A strong, translucent ceramic material.

From Spanish:

Bananas (bananoñ)- Banana:  A tropical fruit.

Matadoras (matador)- Matador:  The principal bullfighter in a bullfight.


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