Hello from Turkey;proverbs in Turkish

adam katila katila gülüyordu : The man was laughing joining by joining (It means It is so funny and the man laughs alot)

Astigi astik kestigi kestik bir adamdir : He is a his-hung-is-we-hung-his-cut-is-we-cut man (someone has strick rules)

acele ise seytan karisir : Urinate quickly, satan mixes (dont make somthing in hurry)
Dik dik ne bakiyorsun öyle : What are you looking perpendicular perpendicular like that (why are looking like that?)
Egri oturalim, dogru konusalim : Let’s sit italic,let’s talk correct
Ekmek elden, su gölden : Bread from hand, water from lake (It means everything is free)
nallari dikti : He errected the horse shoes (someone died)
O güzelim vazo tuzla buz oldu : That my beautiful vase became ice with salt (It is broken)
Onun elinden az cekmedik : We didn’t pull little from his hand (he/she behaved badly to us)
Gözün mosmor olmus : Your eye has become puspurple (your eyes seem purple)
Onun gözlemelerine doyum olmaz : There is no saturation to her observations (he/she has wonderful eyes)
Give a dog bad name and hang him : Adamın adı çıkacağına canı çıksın
A quiet baby gets no suck  : Ağlamayana meme yok
Better late than never  : Geç olsun güç olmasın
Barking dog never bites  : Havlayan köpek ısırmaz
Your mother alone will be wail on you  : Ağlarsa anam ağlar, gerisi yalan ağlar
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks  :  Ağaç yaşken eğilir
Save up something for a rainy day  :  Ak akçe kara gün içindir
Man make houses, women make homes :  Yuvayı dişi kuş yapar
Cheats never prosper :   Yalancının mumu yatsıya kadar yanar
A friend in need is a friend indeed  :  Dost kara günde belli olur
Cleanliness is next to godliness  :  Temizlik imandan gelir
Speech is silver, but silence is gold  :  Söz gümüşse sükut altındır
He that laughs last laughs best :   Son gülen iyi güler
Good words are worth much, and cost little  :   Tatlı söz yılanı deliğinden çıkarır
Bad news travels fast :    Kötü haber tez yayılır
As you sow, so you shall reap  : Ne ekersen onu biçersin
Christmas come but once a year  : Papaz bir kere pilav yer
Who pays the piper calls the tune : Parayı veren düdüğü çalar
An apple a day keeps the doctor away : Elma girmeyen eve doktor girer

I am very happy to be in the blog again..because of the Comenius application,I had to work and I thought that there were about 4 partners from Turkey and they would add somethings to the blog and As I see,you need me to learn more about Turkish and If you accept me,we are going to start to add our workings with you…we had to study two weeks with the students to catch you up and I hope we are going to catch you up and of course If you still see Hürriyet Primary School as a partner….we would like to go on …

best regards



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