Turkish words that cant be translated to other languages

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Here are the some words that cat not be translated to other languages,If they are  translated  they become to have funny meanings 🙂

GÖZLEME : It is a kind of bread with cheese…Our mothers cook it on the fire like pancake Its dough is thin and we put cheese in it adn we cook again on the fire..If It is translated in English It means ‘Observation’ as you know observation is a different word….

KEBAP : It is a traditional cuisine ,traditonal food…It is made with small chopped meat and It is grilled with different vegetables…Maybe you hear Turkish Kebap 🙂

YOĞURT : It is yogurt

PİLİÇ ÇEVİRME : It is a kind of meal that is made from chicken…If you translate it It means ‘Chicken Translation’ so meaning is absent.

İÇLİ KÖFTE : It is a kind of meatball ..when you translate It is ‘Sensitive Meatball’

TOPLA GEL : It means drive the cars carefully and drive to this side …..(If you translate It means pick up man pick up )

so when you translate these words ,they have intereating and funny meanings,sometimes people directly look up the dictionary for Piliç Çevirme because they want to write the name of the this meal-food to the board of the restaurant..they look up the dictionary and translate ‘Chicken Transation’..so It is so interesting to see these boards on the streets…

best regards

prepared by :Hürriyet Primary School Students



4 thoughts on “Turkish words that cant be translated to other languages

  1. Hello Necla and dear pupils,thank you all for very interesting articles!!! We use to Turkish words in our language: jogurtas and kebabas ;)) did you recognise them?
    We would love to know the meanings of your names and family names(one of the new tasks)!
    And how do you call twelf months?!
    Our best wishes,Lithuanian team

  2. Thank you so much and I am very happy to be in the project again…we are reading all the task in the class and the students have great time while in the lesson..While preparing the menings of the months,we had a great time and It is an educational task too..
    and We will the task about our lastnames next week.
    best regards

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