Technology Brings New Words into Lithuanian Language

Apparently a lot of Lithuanian words to do with technology are international and have came from English. Here are some examples:

Technologija – meaning Technology

Telefonas – meaning Telephone

Kompiuteris – meaning Computer

Monitorius – meaning Monitor

Kompaktinis Diskas – meaning Compact Disk

Kasetė – meaning Cassette

Televizorius – meaning Television

Programa –  meaning Program

Mikrofonas – meaning Microphone

Adapteris – meaning Adapter

Radijas – meaning Radio

Mikroskopas – meaning Microscope

So as you can see the similarities are obvious. There is also a slang term in Lithuanian related to technology used mostly by teenagers:

The word Player (as inDVDplayer, MP3 player) translates to Grotuvas in Lithuanian though many people like to say “Pleijeris”, which is not a correct word in Lithuanian but it is used often in casual conversation.

Written by MARTYNAS


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