Last name meanings of my class mates

In our language the endings of feminin last names change, when the woman gets married , it would go as follows :
-Barakauskaitė (not married) would turn to Barakauskienė (married).
Some of my classmates have true lithuanian names and others have names that have derived from such languages as latin, in the section below I will try to comprehend the names of my fellow class mates:

Justinas – derived from latin, meaning honest or truthful

Sakas – the lithuanian word for sap is sakai, so it‘s possible that his ancestors were very honest woodcutters or craftsmen.

Guoda – a true lithuanian name,meaning to foreseek.

Karoblytė – the <karo> bit of the name means the wanting of war, so it might be possible that her ancestors were involved in war and were able to foreseek things before they happen.

Laurynas – derived from latin,meaning winner and achiever.

Pikutis – lithuanian last name, which doesn‘t really have a meaning, but is mentioned as one of three prussian prince.

Emilija – name has been derived from latin and it means achiever and competer.

Vaišnoraitė – the < vaiš > part means, goods but most likely food and is from the word (vaišės). The < nor > part is to want and is from the word < norėti >, so it might be that this person is very competitive, but likes to have a good time with friends.

Martynas – name has been derived from latin and means to belong to the god Mars.

Milda –  a true lithuanian name that means, freedom and love.

Motiekaitytė – a completely lithuanian last name and it‘s meaning has a lot to do with the words mother and mom, so this person might be closely connected with her mom and feel free around her.

Paulina – from the latin language meaning small.

Paksaitė – N/A

Paulius – also has been derived from the latin language and also meaning small.

Gagelas – a lithuanian last name that has no true meaning, but tells of the person as being strong.

Monika – this name is very old and is derived from phoenician languages and has no real meaning, but people from the past have given it meanings like lonely and good adviser.

Sabaitytė – a lithuanian last name and it doesn‘t have a deeper meaning but is associated with a animal called sable ( sabalas in lithuanian ), so her ancestors might have lived in the woods with animals, therefore sometimes felt lonely.

Paulius – also has been derived from the latin language and also meaning small.

Barakauskas – a lithuanian last name, which means fierce and protective, so my ancestors might have gone to war and were fierce, but were also protective when it came to family matters.

Anastasija – a name that has been derived from the greeks and means a lively person.

Rudenko – N/A

Tautvydė – a pure lithuanian name that means, nation and see, which can be understood as a person who can see through the hard living of a nation and see the bright future.

Daujotytė – a pure lithuanian last name wich means to horse often.

I hope you enjoyed finding out about our names and seeing what they mean to us and our ancestors.


One thought on “Last name meanings of my class mates

  1. We are living in a touristic place and ıt is so common to hear or see Anastasija ( Anastasis) around here..and I have never thought about Anastasijas meaning before..and Anastasija has a very different meaning that I think..
    best regards

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