12 Months and Meanings


  • Ocak              January                  the place that you make fire
  • Şubat             February              It İs a Syriac a word.
  • Mart              March                    The word comes from Latin  Language,Mart  from MARS ,means Battle God
  • Nisan            April                      It is Syriac word again.
  • Mayıs            May                       Comes from Latin language Maius ..It means The Biggest                 
  • Haziran         June                      It is Syriac word again .It means Hot
  • Temmuz       July                        Syranis word…It means gentleman
  • Ağustos        August                 from Latin Language…It means celestial It is a word comes
  • Eylül            September            It means Grape Time..Grape Month
  • Ekim           October                  It is a Turkish Word…It means farm
  • Kasım         November             It means The trees are going to leave their leaves(Shaking)
  • Aralık         December              It means Pause



2 thoughts on “12 Months and Meanings

  1. After this task,I and my students realized that we have just one month in Turkish,Ekim(October)
    The others come to our languages from different languages…It is a very educational and interesting task for the students…
    best regards

  2. Hey, it was very ineteresting to read 😉 Do you know what do mean these Syriac word for months? I noticed we have the same meaning for November – Lithuanian Lapkritis also means ”fall of leaves”, it s very interesting discovery, isn t?

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