23rd April Childeren’s Day-Turkey



23rd April is International children’s Day in Turkey..We celebrate this important day during the week..It is the most enjoyable National Feast İn Turkey.This day is a present to the children from our great leader,Atatürk..All the Childeren are happy on that day and They have great time with their friends while performing different activities.On that day;The students perform different folk dances,perform different activities,they read poems about the importance of the day,they dance and take part in different kinds of amusing races and activities..It is just for the children and they celebrate the day at the school,stadium..

During the week,we decorate our school,classes and even streets with flags and ballons…Everyyear from the different parts of the world,children come to Turkey to perform their own traditional folk dances and they hold their own flags on their hand.Everyyear the world children (this year 39 country joined the day) come to different cities in Turkey,this year they come to Konya.It is possible to watch the activities on tv alive..So It is very nice view to see a lot of children with their flags and with their national costumes on the stadium while they are performing their national folk dances.


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