Turkish-Meanings of the surname


           The Meanings of the Surnames

AVCI SEZEN : Hunter ,feeling somathing before something happen

KORKMAZ : not afraid of anything..fearless

 AYYILDIZ : It is a two-word surname…MoonStar

 EŞİN : It means ‘ to dig’


 SONYÜREK : a two-word surname ,The last hearth

 ÇETİNKAYA :  a two-word surname ,HardRock

 BAYAR : a person who makes people faint

 KARABULUT : a two-word surname ,black cloud

  BENLİ : a person who has moles

 GEZGİN  : a person who travels alot , excursionist

 UÇAR :  a person who is profligate and always feel like this

 GÖK : green 

 YENİGÜN : a two-word surname,New Day

 ŞAHİN : Hawk

 ALTIN : Gold


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