Let The Word Bloom…

Do you recognise these flowers?

How do you call them in your mother tongue?

Does the name of the flower have some special explanation of it’s meaning?

Leave a comment and get to know more about the words…

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2 thoughts on “Let The Word Bloom…

  1. Really nice pictures! The world wouldn’t be the same without flowers and Spring. We all love flowers and many of them are very similar to English: rose( rosa, in Portuguese), orchid (orquídea), tulip(túlipa), gardenia( gardénia) and violet( violeta). Some of them are common people’s names too:Rosa, Orquídea, Violeta, etc.

  2. In Lithuanian these flowers are called:
    – Neužmirštuolė – meaning ‘the unforgetable’ (similar to the english Forget-me-not)
    – Kiaulpienė/pienė – the name is derived from ‘pig’s milk’ or just ‘milk’ because of the white sap inside the stem.
    – Pakalnutė – means something like ‘the hillside girl’ since its flowers on the stem look a bit like a hill. (Did you also know that it is very poisonous? I would never ever have thought)
    – Tulpė (very similar to the English ‘tulip’) – it actually comes from a Turkish word meaning ‘turban’

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